Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ankle Injury Update, Part Two

My view this morning started out the same as every day since January 2nd.  

But then, I got to feed my baby!

Ben let me hold Caroline and give her a bottle while he got Elizabeth up and dressed.  I have not been able to sit-up and hold Caroline for more than about 2 minutes without being in a ton of pain, so I was over the moon to get some alone time with my baby.

After Ben took the girls to stay with Vicki for the day, we got me downstairs (think sliding on my butt down the stairs) and that is when I saw this:

Two inches of snow on the ground.  The untreated ground.  

Ben spent about 15 minutes cleaning off the car so we could drive to the doctor (that's after he took the girls to Vicki's and before he helped me get down two flights of stairs).
(Have I mentioned Ben is my hero?)

On our way to the doctor, our drive looked like this:

Those would be untreated highways we are driving on.
It took about 20 minutes to make the 2-mile-drive to my doctor's office.

Once we got inside (with the use of a wheelchair because I am a klutz on crutches) we made our way to the orthopedic floor.  We checked in and got taken back in about five minutes.

I saw my doctor and she looked at my x-rays and then examined my ankle.

Her diagnosis: A third degree ankle sprain.  But not just the plain, ordinary, run of the mill third degree ankle sprain.  Oh no, I have a complicated third degree ankle sprain.  

*Sidebar- for those unsure of the degrees of ankle sprains here they are:
1st degree (mild)
2nd degree (moderate)
3rd degree (severe)

Here is the definition of a third degree ankle sprain by Better braces
Third degree symptoms -– a third degree ankle sprain is the most severe of ankle injuries. With this sprain, the ligament has been torn completely. Symptoms include:
  • Severe swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Instability of the joint
  • Extreme loss of motion
  • Walking can be quite painful
So, why do I have a complicated third degree ankle sprain?  

Because not only do I have an inversion ankle sprain (the most common), I also have an eversion ankle sprain.  That's right, two different types of sprains.

*Sidebar- for those unsure of the difference in an inversion and eversion ankle sprain, here ya go:

When an ankle is sprained, the ankle bone itself is uninjured. It is the ligaments surrounding the ankle bone that suffer. Ligaments are structures in every joint in the body that help control the joint’s movement. The ligament will become injured if it is stretched too far and could result in a partial or complete tear. There are two sdifferent types of an ankle sprain.

The inversion ankle sprain is the most common type of sprain and occurs when the foot falls inward and stretches the outer ligaments too far. Pain occurs on the outside of the ankle and not on the inside of the ankle.

The eversion ankle sprain occurs when the foot is twisted outwards and the inner ligament is stretched too far. Pain will occur on the inside, and not the outside, of the ankle.                               

(My source is: Better Braces. Com)


I was told a number of things after my diagnosis.
  1.  I do not need surgery (Yay!)
  2. I probably tore all of the ligaments in my ankle (Boo)
  3. I do not need an MRI (not sure how I feel about that decision)
  4. I need to either wear a cast or walking boot for the next four weeks (Boo).  If I choose a cast, I cannot drive and cannot take it off.  If I choose the boot, I can take it off to shower, drive, and sleep.  
  5. I picked the walking boot.
  6. On February 6th, I will be reevaluated.  If I make the progress the doctor is looking for, then I may begin pool workouts for rehabilitation of my ankle (Yay?)
  7. On March 6th they will reevaluate again to determine if I may begin walking and add lower body exercises.
  8. There is 0% chance that I will be allowed to run before April 6th (BOOOOOO!!!)

I am forever thankful that Elizabeth was not hurt in this accident.  I am overwhelmed at being in a walking boot for the next four weeks, but at this time, I still cannot walk without crutches because of the pain.  I am praying for a quick recovery and hope and pray that we do not have any more injuries this year (only 359 more days to go).

So... this is me when we got home:

 I'm really not happy

Fake smile for the camera

*Shout out- Ben is the most amazing man I know.  Thank you for supporting me and taking care of our girls.  I love you more than I can say and I owe you big. 

I hope everyone is having a better week than me.

Happy Tuesday!

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