Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday Finals... on Saturday!

Yesterday evening I decided to give driving a try and I was able to drive without much pain.  I have to take my walking boot off to drive and last time I tried, I could not extend my foot enough to push on the pedal.

Since I was free to drive (Ben was home with the girls) I headed over to BJs for diapers and formula and then over to Harris Teeter for milk and some coupon shopping.  Below is what I got at Harris Teeter and I am linking up with Southern Savers

What I got:

(3) cases of diet coke
(1) case of sprite
(1) case of coke zero
(3) boxes of Wheaties
(2) boxes of Cheerios
(2) boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(1) gallon of milk
(1) box of mozzarella sticks
(2) bags shredded cheese
(4) packages of taco seasoning
(1) package of cream cheese
(2) bags of frozen meatballs
(1) box of squeezies
(4) packages of baby food
(1) block of store brand velvetta cheese
(1) bag of tositos chips

Original total: $112.65

Total spent: $45.96

Total saved: $66.69 or 59%

How did I do it?

The sodas were buy 2, get 3 free.  I also a $3 off coupon for one 12-pack.  So I paid $11 for (5) 12-packs.

All of the cereal was buy one, get one free.  That rings up half price at Harris Teeter.  I had coupons for each box.  The Wheaties were 39 cents/ box.  The Cherrios were 59 cents/box.  The Cinnamon Toast Crunch was $1/box.

The milk was regular price- $3.25

The mozzarella sticks were regular price- $6.89, but I did have $1.25 off coupon and Ben wants them for the Super Bowl.

The shredded cheese was buy 1, get 1 free.

The taco seasoning was buy 1, get 1 free.  I had $1 off (4) coupon.  So I paid 70 cents for the (4) bags

The cream cheese was an evic special of $1.47.  I had $1 off so it made it 47 cents.

The meatballs were 2/$5.  I had (2) $1 off coupons, so it made them 2/$3

The baby food was 4/$5.  They are normally $1.59 each.

The store brand velevetta was $2.50 less than velvetta so I bought it.  We are making dip for the super bowl with it.

The tostitos were buy 1, get 1 free.  So about $2.50.

Happy Saturday!

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