Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Finals

Elizabeth and I headed to Harris Teeter last weekend to get our supplies for the week.  We picked up a lot things to help us with summer grilling seasoning (hotdogs and french fries) and some things we needed in general (milk, diapers, yogurt, etc.)

Everything we picked up, this includes:
(2) Boxes of Multi Grain Cheerios
(4) Gerber Graduates
(1) Bag of hamburger buns
(1) Bag of hotdog buns
(1) dozen eggs
(6) yoplait yogurts
(2) package of hotdogs
(2) bags of french fries
(4) Bananas
(2) 4-count boxes of fruit squeezies
(1) Parmesan cheese
1/2 gallon of milk
1/3 pound hard salami
(2) 2-count of baby food
(3) bags of diapers
(3) package of wipes
(5) jars of pasta sauce
(1) bag of chips
(1) container of liquid dish cleaner
(1) 8-pack of go-gurts

Total spent: $66.36
Total saved: $57.14
Percentage saved: 46%

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