Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life Lately

Monday morning we headed to the gym and then hung around the house.  This is Caroline after her morning nap crawling up and down my leg.  Like my elephant shorts?  I do!  I love love love them! And I got them here.

Caroline is wearing a 12-18 month romper.   
What!?!  She will be 8 months old next week.

 Hello happy baby!

 This is an Elizabeth pile I found on Tuesday morning.
She likes to make piles of the toys she hoards and place them strategically around the living room.
By strategically, I mean high enough that Caroline cannot reach them.

 Caroline woke up early from her nap and then...

 strategically placed her toys all over the living room.  :)

I'm pretty sure she loved every minute of it.
(Notice Elizabeth's piles on the couch?)

 And then... this happened.

 Caroline pulled herself up on the stairs.

I am so not ready for this.

 Once Elizabeth was up, we headed outside for fun and popsicles.

 Caroline enjoyed watching :)

This girl loves popsicles!

One night I finally got Elizabeth on video dancing to the Disney Junior "get up and move" song.
She asks us to replay this over and over again when it comes on.

Ben gave me this CD by Iron Butterfly for our anniversary
(he is very creative with the word iron).
The girls and I have been listening to it while driving around.

And that is our life lately.

Happy Thursday!

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