Friday, May 1, 2015

Life Lately

If you asked me to use one word to describe life lately, it would be BUSY.  We have been running around, full-speed ahead since this past weekend and I am loving every minute of all the activity.

On Sunday; Ben, Justin, and Scot returned to our house in the middle of the afternoon after a weekend away camping in West Virginia.  Also on Sunday, Caroline turned seven months old

Justin spent the night with us on Sunday night and we enjoyed a nice taco dinner.  Monday morning, Ben and Justin were up very early (I think they left the house at 5:20am) and Ben dropped Justin at the airport before he went to work.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty regular days.  Ben went to work, the girls and I headed to the gym, and then played and took some pictures.  I changed up our dinner menu for the week and we had breakfast for dinner on Monday (instead of Thursday). 

While we were at the gym on Tuesday morning, we got the news that Annalise had been born and that mommy and baby were doing great!

 Tuesday after the gym

Elizabeth is very into putting her finger on her face and making funny faces.
I don't know why.  

Wednesday morning, I got up at 4am and showered and dressed and left the house at 4:35am and headed to the airport. 
*Side note- after college I developed a fear of flying, so I was nightmares all Tuesday night about plane crashes

This was my first time flying Southwest and I had a fantastic experience.  I will definitely fly with them again.

 On the way down to Atlanta, I was second row, isle seat.

I landed in Atlanta at 8am I rode Marta to Midtown where my friend Ben picked me up.   He very nicely let me borrow his car all day long (in exchange I bought him breakfast).

 We went to Atlanta Breakfast Club and it was fantastic!

I was in the true south so I had to order a good southern breakfast.

After breakfast, I dropped Ben off at his house and I headed to Marietta to meet my new sweet niece and check in on my brother and sister-in-law.  

 Me, Annalise, and Andy

Me, Annalise, and Lolly

Andy and I went to lunch so Lolly could have some quality time with Annalise and her mom.  Again, since I was in the south, I needed to get my fried chicken on.  So... we went to Zaxby's!  I miss Zaxby's so much and I love the Zax sauce... so good.  :)

Andy and I enjoying our fried chicken.

Around 5:30pm, I said goodbye to Andy, Lolly, and Annalise and headed back to Atlanta to give Ben back his car and catch my flight home.  I got to Ben's house early enough that he suggested we grab dinner and we hit up a great bbq place (again, I am in the south).  :)

 Our drinks came in mason jars.  Can't get much more southern?

 BBQ, tots, and toast.  Hello goodness!

 Ben (and I) enjoyed the food

A quick picture after dinner

 Wednesday night, I flew home and again sat in the second row, isle seat. my kindle :)

 I'm not gonna lie, Thursday morning was rough.
I got home about midnight and the girls were up at 7am.
We hung around the house all day in our jammies.

 Elizabeth dumped all of Caroline's toys out of this box and sat in it.

 Caroline (and all her toys)

Thursday after naps, Elizabeth got to enjoy her sucker from Annalise

Thursday night, Elizabeth had her final swim lesson.
She did great and really enjoyed the class.

 Friday morning, before we went to the gym, Caroline played hide and seek.
Can you find her?

 Friday morning, after the gym, Elizabeth and I made pineapple muffins.
This is the first time she has licked the spatula.  :)

 Our pineapple muffins
I got this recipe from Mix and Match Mama
I did alter the recipe slightly.
Her recipe called for 15oz can of crushed pineapple, 
I had 20oz chunks so I put them in the food processor and then kinda eyed it.

Friday afternoon I had physical therapy.  
My ankle is coming along, but not as well as it should be.
I'm considering trying acupuncture.
Anyone ever use acupuncture and have any advice?

And... that's life lately.

Happy Friday!

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