Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life on Fast Forward

Saturday night we had the pleasure to be invited and attend the Baptism for Shelley and Adam's daughter. 

 Getting Baptized

 She did great!

After Church, Shelley and Adam wanted some nice family photos.
Elizabeth had other ideas...
(I'm so sorry you guys)

 Sunday morning, I found my headphones!
They have been missing since our Christmas trip to Pennsylvania.

This past weekend I bought new running shoes.
I have been doing a walk/jog on the treadmill for the last couple of weeks.
It feels great when I'm moving, but it hurts a ton when I'm done.
This is me before a walk on Sunday morning.

 Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth was coloring...
with her left hand
 And her right hand.

Which hand will she write with?

Sunday morning and afternoon, we hung around the house and enjoyed family time.  It was nice to spend some quiet time together even with all the business around us.

 Sister love

 They love playing together

 Selfie with mommy

Selfie with my love

 Monday afternoon pictures of my baby love

 This outfit is fabulous
It's probably the only time she will fit into it :)

 Caroline is over baby toys and only wants Elizabeth's big girl toys

(this morning)

 I love her sweet smile

 This nugget loves "the cat" on her PJs

I completed a 5K today at the gym (45 minutes, walk/run)
I've been icing my ankle ever since I got home.
I guess I will swim tomorrow :)

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