Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wedding Anniversary and Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday was our wedding anniversary.  We spent the day together with the girls and then went out to dinner and a movie Saturday night. 

On a daily basis, I thank God for this wonderful man.  He was created for me and I was created for him and I am so thankful we found each other.  Thank you Ben for a wonderful anniversary and Mother's Day weekend.

This is us on Saturday before we exchanged gifts.
We exchange the traditional gifts for our wedding anniversary.
This year's traditional gift is iron and the modern gift is candy.

I surprised Ben on Saturday morning with this love letter.

 Among his gifts, I also got him personalized M&Ms

 And a cast iron chocolate fondue pot

 Among some of my gifts, Ben gave me this iron bench for our deck

 And about 1000 bags of my favorite candies.

Saturday night we went to Bonefish Grill for appetizers and cocktails.

Then we went to see Age of Ultron

Sunday was just fabulous!  I slept in and when I got up I was greeted to homemade chocolate chip muffins, bacon, and mimosas. 

We spent the morning together eating breakfast and opening presents.  Ben gave me an additional gift in the afternoon and sent me to the mall all by myself.  :)
I returned and exchanged some things and picked up a few other things.  It was so  nice not pushing a double stroller around the mall!

I was home for a grilled lunch of hotdogs (my request) and we hung out while the girls napped.  Once the girls got up, we took some pictures and played outside.

Once the girls went to bed, we enjoyed more grilled food (hamburgers) and cocktails.  It was such a wonderful weekend and I am pretty sure I have eaten my weight in candy.  

Thank you Ben, Elizabeth, and Caroline for spending the weekend with me.

Thank you Laura for babysitting Saturday night so we could go out.

Thank you to my in-laws for our beautiful flowers for our anniversary and the gift card for Mother's Day!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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