Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I'm watching on TV

I'm pretty excited that most of my shows have come back after a long hiatus!

Ben and I watch most of our shows together, but I have one or two that I enjoy myself (PLL).

Here is what we are watching now:

 This is one of my favorite shows!
It's also the only comedy we are currently watching.
This show is smart, funny, and entertaining every single week.
If you are not watching, add to your DVR!

 I used to love Castle, but I am not a fan of this new season.
I really don't like the new story line and I am hoping they wrap it up soon.
I feel like the writers don't know what they are doing.
Please come back soon good Castle :)
 This show is dark, but good.
I really liked the first season which is why we are still watching it.
Plus, who doesn't love someone from the OC?

 I loved this show when it was The Closer and I still love it as Major Crimes!
Hmmm... I have a lot of "cop" shows on my list.
Maybe I should become a detective?
They are doing a special midwinter episode run and it is really good.
Even though we are not the target audience age, I still love this show :)

 Who doesn't love some good southern accents?
If you like NCIS, you will like this!

 I mean, it's NCIS!
I love very special agen DiNozzo and Gibbs and Ducky (and well, everyone).

 Pretty Little Liars is my guilty pleasure teenage girl show.
I can't help it.  This show is great!

And... Scandal.  
This show is so good.
The writers are excellent and the cast is superb!
If you are not watching, crawl out from hiding under your rock and start watching!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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