Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A little bit of this AND a little bit of that

I found some random photos of my phone to share.  They all have (good?) stories that go with them, so I hope you enjoy! :)

 I used Ben's chocolate chip muffin recipe to make mini-muffins a few weeks ago.
They turned out awesome and we ate all of them within the week.
(I did give a dozen away, so it wasn't too bad)

 Elizabeth loves oreos and I picked these up for her.
Ummm...I inhaled about eight of them before I even knew what I was doing.
Oreos, of any kind, must stay away. ;)

When I was visiting Adam and Brigette a few weeks ago, we discussed lactose free ice cream.
Well, I picked this up at the grocery store and tried it.
Breyers and Lactaid make really good lactose free ice cream that I think I will stick with.
Although... I am tempted to get some vegan ice cream from Whole Foods, has anyone tried this?

 Me and the big girl, and her purple cup.
Always purple.  Always.

I took my little to the doctor on Monday.
Double pink eye and an upper respiratory infection.

And that is a little bit of this AND a little bit of that.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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