Saturday, May 21, 2016

Life Lately

I've been a little under the weather this week (I'm guessing that standing in 62 degree weather for 2 1/2 hours was a bad idea).  So... we haven't done too much ;)-  you know babysit some friends, go to the zoo, run a few miles here and there, and play with some more friends.

 When Ben was done with work on Monday, I ran out and got a pedicure.
I usually get one every other week and had pushed this a couple extra weeks.
With running 20-25 miles/week, I gotta take care of my feet. :)

 Elizabeth asked me to take a picture of her feet too :)

 Tuesday we ran over to Toys R Us and I let the girls ride the little truck after we were done shopping.
They get such a kick out of it AND they are extra good in the store so they can ride it when we leave.

Caroline talking to the little man on the ride

 Wednesday, Charlie and Jack came over to play while Liz went to an appointment.
Caroline was napping, so I sat on the couch, reading my book, while the three of them just played and played and played.  It was so nice! :)

 Blocks, Miles from Tomorrowland, and castles- pretty awesome time to be a kid :)

 On Thursday, we went with Charlie, Jack, and Liz to the zoo.
We saw a LOT in 3 hours!
Pandas, lions, tigers, elephants, snakes, crocodiles, orangutans, and so much more!

 Caroline LOST HER MIND with excitement in the elephant house.
She LOVES elephants and she was over the moon to see one in real life. :)

 She jumped up and down, and stared, giggled, and moved around with glee for about 10 minutes.

 These three had a blast together.

Smile :)

 Friday morning, the girls and I headed to Target.
On our way there, we passed the peanut(mobile?)
It's the 100th anniversary of Planter's Peanuts (the back of the vehicle informed us of this)

 Friday afternoon, Shelley and Fiamma came over for lunch and a play date

These three silly girls had so much fun playing together

Now, I'm off to try and fix my phone.
It has stopped connecting to Wifi. Blah.

Happy Saturday y'all!

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