Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Review

We had a fun-filled, friend-filled, rain-filled weekend around here. 

On Friday morning the girls and I headed to the gym.  As we were leaving the gym I commented to Elizabeth about the sky being dark. As soon as we got into the car the sky opened up and it POURED on us.  We got home and Ben and I each grabbed a kid out of the car. :)

Ben and Elizabeth headed to the dentist after lunch and then after nap time we all loaded up in my car and headed to a little winery in Maryland. 

We hit up Running Hare Vineyard for a wine tasting.

 Caroline enjoyed a snack while Ben and I sampled some wines.
Elizabeth found a friend her age and left us behind to play with him. :)

 We tried nine wines and we liked most of them.

 Love doing a wine tasting with this handsome man.
We grabbed a glass and relaxed at table and picked up a bottle of their pinot grio to take home.

After the winery, we met up with Scot for dinner.

I told the guys to pose for this picture so I could put it on the blog. :)
Such nice guys...

On Saturday, we hung around the house most of the morning and early afternoon.
Elizabeth has swim lessons on Saturday mornings, so Ben took her to them while Caroline and I played at home.

Saturday afternoon I completed my very first color run.

I signed up about a week ago and thought it would be a fun first race back since I hurt my ankle.  

Cathy nicely agreed to go with me 
(and she will probably never do a race with me again, after you read this story, you will understand)

The race started at 4pm.
We arrived at 2:45pm for packet pick-up.
We got into a line of about 1500 people (not an exaggeration) 
It started raining at 2:55pm, it started sideways raining at 3pm.
We finally got our packets, t-shirts, and bags at 3:45pm.
We stood in the rain for an hour while the temperature dropped from 75 to 65.
We walked back to my car and took the picture below:

Us before the race.

The race literally started right behind my car so when it started we got out of my car and joined.
*Still raining...
We walked/jogged the race in about 40 minutes.
*The race was not timed.
*It rained the entire race.
The color being thrown on us was from large bags that people had to scoop out the color with their hands and then throw at us.
I've never done a color run before, but this seemed very inefficient. 
We would be jogging along and have to stop in this long line to get color thrown on us.
It was so bizarre/weird/inefficient that Cathy and I just kept laughing at how ridiculous the race was.
I think we both had fun, but we were freezing by the end and couldn't move our hands. 
After the race, the temperature was 62.

 After the race

 Smile through the frozen-ness

 Most of the color was on my back

 I called Ben from the car and told him I was so cold that I couldn't move my hands.
Like, my wrists would not bend.  They were frozen! (or felt that way)
When I got out of my very hot shower, Ben had made me hot chocolate and left it by my sink.
Y'ALL... that is LOVE.

Saturday night, Ben played poker with the guys.
While Ben was playing poker, I sent this picture to the girls (their husbands were also at poker).

Kids in bed, husband is out, time for chocolate, more chocolate, and diet coke. :)

Sunday, I ran errands with the girls while Ben fixed our leaky shower.  He had to turn the water off to the whole house so we decided it was best if the girls and I left while this happened. :)

I went running in the afternoon and then we skyped with both of our brothers in the afternoon.  Once the girls were in bed, Ben and I enjoyed drinks and dessert.  I took the picture below at the end of Sunday night- adult time: vanilla pudding and alcohol. Ha! :)

Happy Monday y'all!

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