Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mother's Day is this Sunday!

In case you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas, I came up with a small list to help you out. :)

 Her favorite lotion/ body wash/ bubble bath
I always enjoy opening my favorite scents. 

 Going out to brunch
This is one of my favorite gifts on Mother's Day.
A long breakfast with alcohol :)

 Get her her favorite chocolates.
M&Ms or Godiva, whatever is her favorite :)

This is all I wanted my first mother's day.
Time to do laundry, time to take a long shower, time to sleep in, time to read a book.
It's free and the best gift! :)
Always a goody. :)
 A massage is a GREAT gift.
Anytime, for any reason (but especially mother's day)

 A new sweater or top from her favorite store.
Or... a gift card to her favorite store.

Control over the DVR for the day (and the remote).
Want to step this up... record her favorite shows in advance, take the kids out of the house for a few hours, and hand her the remote. :)

Hope you have a great mother's day!

Happy Cinco De Mayo y' all!

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