Thursday, May 26, 2016

Twenty Months Old!

Dear Caroline,

You are twenty months old!

This month has flown by faster than all the others.  I just realized two days ago that it was almost the 26th and that another month has already passed us by.

You are wearing size 2T clothes and size 4 shoes.  You wear a size 4 diaper and have used the potty once or twice.  You LOVE to eat and always climb into your booster seat and ask for snack (all meals are called snack).  :)  You are between 26-27 pounds and probably 33 or 34 inches tall.  

You love to follow your sister anywhere she goes, but the two of you are constantly fighting.  You fight over everything- toys, food, sitting in mom's lap, books, tickles, EVERYTHING.  As much as you love your sister (and follow her everywhere), you want to have whatever it is she is playing with.  You love to read and we spend almost an hour each morning reading books after breakfast.  You love to chalk on the driveway, pop bubbles, and play with barbies or baby dolls.  You are not scared of anything and jump at the chance to play with the big kids.

You started this month by having to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.  You have also been on daily allergy medicine since March.  This month we had to move you out of footed pajamas and into onsies with pajama shorts over them because you kept unzipping your footed pajamas and pulling off your diaper. *YUCK*

This month you celebrated Mother's Day and ate an entire three-egg-omelet at brunch, plus bacon and home fries.  We have played around the house a BUNCH because of all the rain. 

This month we babysat Alice and Evie and Charlie and Jack.  You have so much fun playing with all the other kids and you get very sad when they leave.

We went to edible arrangements one afternoon to get chocolate covered fruit and you absolutely LOVED your chocolate covered banana.  We also went to a winery- you enjoyed a snack while Mommy and Daddy tried wine. :)

At Toys R Us, I let you ride the Bob the Builder tractor and you laughed and smiled the entire time.  We went to the zoo with Charlie and Jack and you lost your mind when you saw an elephant.  You LOVE elephants and were so excited to see one! :)

Fiamma came over for lunch and play time while visiting DC and this week you have been enjoying the warm, sunny weather and playing outside for hours.

Here are some pictures from your adventures:

We love you so much baby girl!


Mommy and Daddy

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