Thursday, May 12, 2016

Celebrating seven years of marriage!

On Saturday, Ben and I went on our anniversary date.  We ate dinner at Zinburger and then watched Captain America: Civil War.  The Marvel movies have become party of our anniversary tradition- one always comes out the week of our anniversary, so we go see it. :)

 At dinner :)

 Anniversary cocktails

In the theater

Monday was our actual anniversary and we celebrated with a special dinner and gifts once the girls were in bed.  Ben grilled shrimp and we made a cesar salad and bread with olive oil.  I also picked up a bottle of champagne to enjoy in our toasting flutes. :)

 Our anniversary dinner on our wedding china

I picked up this beautiful cake from Whole Foods.
Well... it only looks beautiful, Ben and I couldn't even finish our slices and then we threw the whole thing away- it was pretty awful (but makes a funny story)    ;)

 Anniversary picture

Thank you Ben for a wonderful anniversary!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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