Friday, May 13, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been moving at full speed.  We have had a very busy spring and it has been wonderful with trips, family, friends, getting into a routine, work, working out, and having fun.  Life lately has also been very rainy (I think we are on day 17 of rain), so we have been having a lot of fun inside and outside when we get a dry hour or two.

 Good morning.
This is Caroline.
 This is Caroline with her unzipped pajamas.
Sometimes she also takes off her diaper.

 Caroline now sleeps in onsies with pajama pants.
Goodbye zippered pajamas.

Last Wednesday, I had dinner with Cathy and Jen.
Dinner was great.
After dinner, not so great.
Our waiter dropped all of our dinner dishes into my Kate Spade purse.
It is still at the dry cleaners...

 The girls and I sent this picture to Ben one day.
I've got some silly girls :P

 We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with taco salad and margaritas!

 Ben has gotten Elizabeth into mint chocolate chip ice cream.
She looks about 10 years old in this picture.

Ben picked up some flowers for me. :)
Love that man!

 I'm trying the Target Beauty Box again.

Hopefully I will like this one more.
I will blog about this once I try it.

 Earlier this week, I kept Alice and Evie for a few hours.
This is what having four kids looks like...

 Caroline refused to get in the picture.

 They were very interested in the pool filling up.

 I LOVE this picture.
They just happened to sit like this (age order).

Dinner time with four cute girlies :)

 We stopped by edible arrangements for some chocolate dipped fruit.

 Caroline's new favorite... chocolate covered bananas!

 I destroyed my step goal on Wednesday.
I walked 26,846 steps.

Which is 13,138 OVER my goal.

Happy Friday y'all!

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