Friday, May 27, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been full of sunshine... literally :)

We had almost 30 consecutive days of rain, so this week of sunshine has been much needed and much appreciated by all in the DC area!

On Monday night I did something that I have never done before.  I cut Elizabeth's hair!!  I borrowed shears and a cape from our neighbor, Kyla, and after bath time sat her down for her third haircut ever.  I cut about 1 1/2-2 inches off (I think) and I had Ben check when he got home to verify that her hair was in fact cut straight. ;)

 Before her haircut

 The first pieces cut off

 Looks pretty straight to me :)

 After her hair cut :)

 Tried to get a photo of the back, didn't turn out too great

On Tuesday we played outside... A LOT!  We played outside after lunch, after naps, before dinner, it felt like all day long. :)  We cleaned up and the girls and I went out to dinner (Ben had a late meeting).  We enjoyed the kids eat free night at Bob Evans.  The girls love breakfast food so this is the perfect restaurant for us.  :)

 Caroline went up and down the driveway for an hour 

 Elizabeth examined chalk from the Easter bunny


 Dinner at Bob Evans.  
Elizabeth sat all by herself on her side of the booth and she did great!
She colored, had a biscuit, and was very well behaved.

Caroline shared the other side of the booth with me.
Love my sweet baby!

On Thursday, the girls and I ran errands while Ben started his vacation by emptying our two freezers, thawing them out, and taking an inventory (I love that man!).  While Caroline was napping, Elizabeth and I took a walk around the neighborhood and then took some pictures.  Elizabeth has a great eye for pictures. ;)

 Selfies with mommy

 Then Elizabeth took over...

And... my replacement purse came on Thursday afternoon!!
You might remember when I quickly mentioned that our server dumped all of our dinner dishes (during girls night) into my new Kate Spade purse. 
Well, the restaurant took care of everything (dry cleaning attempt) AND replacing my purse since my original still had stains after dry cleaning. 

I'm very excited it arrived, but very hesitant to use it. :)

Happy Friday y'all!

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