Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Review: Caroline's Birthday!

We have spent Saturday through Monday celebrating Caroline!  We had a blast with family and friends all weekend and I feel so blessed to have so many people love our daughter.  Here is a look at Caroline's Birthday Weekend!

 Kinda blurry, but Welcome to Caroline's Clubhouse!

 Tried to get a picture of the birthday girl and her sister :)

 They were really excited, I promise :)

 This was the snack table.
We had pizza delivered half way through the party



 The kids played in the basement

 All the kids played in the basement, while the adults enjoyed snacks upstairs

 Pizza time!
Evie and Caroline :)

 Baby cousin

 Ari, Same, Kellan, Ellis, and Elizabeth

 Caroline's cupcakes with her cupcake toppers

 Singing happy birthday to Caroline

 She loved her cupcake!

 We took her birthday shirt off after this photo so it didn't get ruined :)

 Playing with goodies from the goody bags

 Sunday we went to brunch after church and the restaurant brought Caroline this cake 

 We sang to her again :)

 She loved it!

 Monday was Caroline's actual birthday
This was her Monday morning :)

 Happy birthday baby love!!

 Two-year-olds can reach the camera

 We took the birthday girl (and her sister) to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate!

 We played a lot of games!

 Had a lot of fun!

For dinner we went to Chick-Fil-A and then came home to celebrate with chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday Caroline!
We love you!!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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