Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Review

Our weekend was busy, busy, busy.  Ben was off most of the day on Friday so we took turns running errands and then enjoyed a nice evening at home.

Saturday and Sunday were full of celebrations with baby showers and birthday lunches, lots of group selfies, and one last day of swimming.

Friday afternoon... this girl cracks me up
I think they had been building forts and then put part of the couch back together.
Who wants to sit on a couch cushion when you don't have to??

I got a pedicure on Friday afternoon and picked this color because of the name.
I'm not really a waitress. Ha!
I was a waitress in graduate school but felt like I "wasn't really a waitress" because I was a grad student.  Anywho, it's a great fall color, you should check it out (OPI, obviously)

Mid-day on Saturday we celebrated Kyla's baby shower.
We are all excited to meet this new baby and very happy for Kyla and Drew!
The party was at Kellie's house and she did a fabulous job!!

Getting the party started!
(Maria took the picture and Kellie was setting her timer, that's why they aren't in the photo)

The rest of my pictures from the shower came out dark or blurry, sorry.:(

Saturday night we watched the Gamecocks win and enjoyed some homemade pizza.

Sunday morning we took a bunch of group selfies :)

Ben and I had been sitting on the couch together and the girls jumped on us

Oh what fun!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Jhena's birthday with brunch in DC!
The food was great and it was wonderful to see all these ladies two days in a row!
Happy birthday Jhena!

Sunday afternoon I took the girls to the pool for the last day of the season.
It was a little chilly in the water, but the girls had a blast!

Dancing (?) or balancing (?) by the pool

Last pool selfie of 2016

We hope you had a great weekend too!

Happy Monday y'all!

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