Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This week has been a loooong week my friends.  Ben went out-of-town on Sunday morning and came back this morning (on the red-eye from LAX).  Being a solo parent for a week was hard, but add that to the fact that I have anxiety through the roof at night, and I am a walking zombie right now.  I am so exhausted and so thankful that my husband is back safe and sound.

 Last pool day of the summer was definitely a favorite of mine this week.
I can't wait until next summer for more pool time with my favorite girls :)

 Making things for Caroline's party was a favorite this week.
I made these cute cupcake toppers for her Minnie Mouse party

 Dressing the girls like pirates to score free doughnuts was absolutely a favorite!

 Walk the plank! ;)

 Sending Ben selfies this week because he was across the country
This was after the gym and I wanted him to know that I had actually worked out. 

 Bubbles on the driveway...always their favorite!

 Art projects from school...always a favorite!
Elizabeth made a racoon to go with the book 'The Kissing Hand'

 We went to the zoo on Wednesday, always a favorite of ours!

And seeing these sisters be sweet and snuggle is a momma favorite of mine!

Happy Friday y'all!

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