Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Outer Banks Vacation: Days 1-3

We ended our summer of travel with a week-long trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We stayed in Salvo, North Carolina at a beautiful beach front house with my mom and brother.  It was a great week of sun, beach, pool, and relaxation.

Here are a ton of pictures from days 1-3 of our vacation:

 After breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, been on the road for 2 hours...

 Ben took some scenic pictures from our six-hour-drive

  Driving onto the island

 When we got to Roanoke Island, we stopped at the aquarium.
It was such a great stop!
We enjoyed lunch and a bunch of animals :)

Caroline at the entrance to the aquarium

 Trying to get a picture with both girls...

 Searching for fossils

 At the entrance

 The girls LOVED it!!!

 Love this guy!

The girls loved every. single. exhibit!

Ben even touched the stingrays and showed the girls

The jellyfish room

 The big shark room

Our rental house was about an hour away from the aquarium.  We stopped at a grocery store to grab some fresh produce and milk and then headed to our rental house.  After unpacking and dinner, we took the girls to the beach.

Beautiful, relaxing, wonderful :)

Ben in his happy place
Caroline scared of the water :)

Elizabeth just IN LOVE with the beach and ocean

 Caroline was much happier a little later...

 Enjoying the beach with my big girl

 She just had to get in the water...

 Baby was happy too!

 Headed back to the house

On Sunday morning, we loaded up our gear and headed to the beach for fun in the sun!  It was a great day of relaxing at the beach, enjoying vacation, and playing in the water with the kids.

Our beach setup

The girls built sandcastles and played in the water ALL DAY

 Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth enjoyed her oreo snack on the deck

Vacation mode

Monday morning we woke up to a tropical storm over the ocean

It never made land, but it made some beautiful pictures :)

Because of the high ripe tide, we stayed in the pool all day Monday

 It was so humid, every time you walked outside all the lenses fogged up.

 We gave Ben the inflatable rings for his birthday.

We had a great day at the pool!

And Monday night, my mom and I had took a tequila shot because we promised Ben we would :)

Ben- very happy we took our tequila shot

That is days 1 through 3.
Happy Wednesday y'all!

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