Monday, September 12, 2016

Elizabeth's First Baseball Game!

Elizabeth and I went to see our Washington Nationals take on the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday afternoon. 

Here's how it happened: Our neighbor sent me a text two hours before game time asking if we would like her two extra tickets AND a parking pass.  Ben was reading at 5pm mass, so he suggested I take Elizabeth to her first game and he would stay home with Caroline.  I told our wonderful neighbor YES, and we were off and running. :)

Elizabeth and I changed, grabbed sunscreen and sunglasses, and headed downtown to Will Call to grab our tickets and parking pass.  Fortunately, the Will Call box is attached to the parking garage we were using.  The parking attendants let me pull into the garage and grab our tickets and parking pass at Will Call.  After we parked, we were headed into the stadium!

 Our tickets!
Section 111, Row BB, Seats 2 and 3

 We went to Customer Service and Elizabeth got this certificate because it was her first game!
(she refused to put on her sunglasses, hence all the squinting)

 The Naval Academy Midshipmen standing in formation on the field
Their drum line performed along with their choir

 The clouds did not last long...

We grabbed lunch at the beginning of the game.
Elizabeth requested a pretzel

 She's watching Gio Gonzalez pitch. :)

 "Hey Mom, this is fun!"

 It was H-O-T
I made sure we both stayed hydrated :)

 Between innings we took selfies :)

 During the 3rd inning, our neighbor came by and gave out hats with her coworkers.
At the end of the 3rd inning, we Elizabeth got ice cream. :)

 Loving her scoop of chocolate with some baseball

 She wouldn't smile

 But she would stick out her tongue :P
7th inning stretch

We left at the beginning of the 8th inning so we could get home in time for Ben to go to church.  The Nats won 3-2 and we had a blast!  I am so excited I got to take Elizabeth to her first game and I am pretty sure I thanked our neighbor about 349023 times. 

Happy Monday y'all!

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