Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Breakfast

I wanted to start a new tradition this year with an Advent breakfast on December 1st.  Both girls are old enough to be involved and they both understand who Jesus is, so I thought this would be the perfect year to start this new tradition!

The girls both got chocolate Advent calendars, a new Christmas ornament, and a little craft.  We had a special breakfast of doughnuts and Christmas tree cakes and talked about Advent.

Santa does visit our house, but he isn't the true meaning of Christmas and I want them to understand what Christmas is really about.  I thought this was a fun little way of incorporating both sides and making it fun and meaningful for both of them.

 The table set-up with all their goodies and breakfast

 A very healthy breakfast ;)

 The Advent calendars are from Trader Joe's,
the Elves are from Michael's clearance last year
The ornaments are from Target this year

 The girls loved looking at everything

 And cake for breakfast is always a good surprise :)

The girls opened their Advent calendars after breakfast and were excited to see chocolate inside.  We talked about what Advent means and what Christmas means. 

They both colored their elves later in the day and they are proudly on display on the TV stand. :)

 And then we took some pictures in front of the tree :)

 Caroline and Elizabeth laughing together is the best sound ever! :)

Happy Friday y'all!

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