Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas cookies to make/share/enjoy

Christmas cookies!!!

I was at my friend Jhena's house on Monday and saw the giant bin of cookies she scored at a cookie exchange over the weekend. It was a reminder to me that I need to get into the kitchen and start baking! :)

I have already made a few cookies this year (and bought some), but I want to try a few more recipes and find some that we want to have every year.  My favorite holiday cookie is the peanut butter blossom and I made it for the first time this year *pats self on back*. :)

I have been searching online for some "easy" recipes to try and ones that my family would also enjoy.  We all love chocolate and Ben really likes peppermint so I used those as my search criteria.  Below are some recipes I am hoping to try and some that I already have used.

Happy baking!

Cookies I want to make:

Sugar Cookie M&Ms Bars
I found the recipe here

I found the recipe here

 Peppermint Swirls
I found the recipe here 

 Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bark
I found the recipe here

 Sugar Cookies with icing
I found the recipe here

Cookies I did make/bought:

  Peanut butter blossoms
I found the recipe here 

I bought these Dark Chocolate Stars for Ben at Trader Joe's.
My friend Dana said they were the best ever and Ben completely agrees. :)

I have also made Granny B sugar cookies but will be making more this coming week. 

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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