Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday around here and I hope you did too!

On Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing day at home before going to the 4pm Mass.  Ben was reading at the Mass and we went extra early to get a seat (and we almost didn't get one).  After church we took some pictures of the girls and then some family pictures and then got ready for dinner.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and then the girls opened a few gifts.  After the gifts, the girls headed to bed in their new Christmas pajamas and Ben and I started setting up gifts from Santa.

On the 24th, we brought down all the wrapped gifts from family.

They didn't all fit under the tree in the kitchen (because we have to get to stuff in the kitchen)
so we put some under the tree in the living room

Our two pretty princesses!

  Merry Christmas from all of us!

 Trying to get some photos in their new Christmas pajamas

 Blurry due to excitement!

Love that smile!

 Last week at Jack's birthday party, the kids made reindeer food.
Well... Elizabeth has been waiting ALL WEEK to put it on the driveway for the reindeer.
She was so excited!

 Very proud of herself! :)

 After the girls went to bed, I set the table for breakfast.

  After the table was set, we watched movies and set-up Santa's gifts.
The left is Caroline and the right is Elizabeth. :)

Christmas morning before going downstairs :)

Checking out what Santa brought them

Elizabeth went through EVERYTHING
Caroline focused on the kitchen :)

New shades :)

Caroline showing me her Sheriff Callie toys

Elizabeth showing me her new pony

I had to show Caroline her stocking and get her to look inside :)

We spent about an hour playing with everything that Santa brought us.  Ben and I made breakfast and we enjoyed hanging around the table for a bit and relaxing. 
 My family!

 Trying to take a selfie to send my mom. Ha! :)

After breakfast, Ben and I cleaned up and then moved the kitchen and fort downstairs so we would have room for all the presents from family.

Before we opened gifts, I took Caroline to clean up.  While I was doing that, Ben was talking to Elizabeth about being the "helper" this year and handing out gifts to her family members.

Once we were all settled, Elizabeth started to hand out gifts.  Well... all the gifts she handed out were for her because she can recognize her own name and was looking for it.  That's a four-year-old for you!  Hahahaha!  We chatted with her about handing out gifts for everyone and after that she was much more fair in her gift hand-out responsibility. :) 

We took turns opening gifts with one person opening at a time.  It took us almost two hours, but the kids had a blast seeing what each other got, and Ben and I got to enjoy watching them.

 Elizabeth in her new rain coat from Ga-Ga

 And Minnie Mouse ears from her Great Aunt Barb!

 I had a cookie bar set-up all day and we enjoyed the afternoon and evening with some friends.

Elizabeth made this tree cake that her Great Aunt Pam sent her.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Monday y'all!

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