Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Christmas Traditions!

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to discuss Christmas Traditions!!!  

Now, I did blog at the end of November about our Christmas Traditions so I thought it would be fun to see which traditions we have kept this year and which ones we still need to do have yet to enjoy. :)

Here is the list from my previous post:

1. Decorate the house for Christmas
2. Attend Zoo Lights
3. Bake Christmas cookies

4. Complete an Advent calendar
5. Go to the Gaylord and look at decorations/attend ICE!
6. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
7. Send out Christmas cards

8. Decorate at Gingerbread house
9. Visit Santa and get a photo
10. Writing a letter or calling Santa
11. Attend Christmas Eve Mass
12. Host/attend Christmas parties
13. Get a gift or two for the Angel Tree at church
14. A new ornament for each girl  

Everything that is bolded is something we have done (wohoo!)

Here are some of our Christmas decorations:

 We have three or four Nativity scenes, but I don't have space to put them all out. 
And... Caroline likes to mess with all of them.

 Santa tends to "move" around the house

 I love our lighted garland, it makes the inside of our house feel magical :)

 The kids Nativity scene

 One of our trees
(this is the tree that's lights went out after decorating)

Love a good Christmas wreath!

We enjoyed a very cold Friday night at Zoo Lights
Check out my blog post about it here

I've been working on Christmas cookies
Check out my blog post about it here

We have been working on our Advent Calendars and you can read 
about a new tradition here 

And we went to the Gaylord to see all the decorations and enjoy lunch while
my family was visiting for Thanksgiving!

And last week we drove around and looked at A LOT of Christmas lights!


We are still working on our Advent calendars, as Advent is not over, so that's why it is in red.

We have tried to take pictures with Santa twice and never made it too him (due to line issues).  So I have now booked us a Fast Pass to see him Thursday night.

The girls are getting a Gingerbread House on Friday morning to decorate, so then we will have enjoyed that tradition too!

We are attending Christmas Eve Mass and Ben is reading for the second year in a row.
Happy Tuesday y'all!
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