Monday, December 19, 2016

Friday Advent Breakfast (week 3)!

Last Friday we had our third Friday Advent breakfast.

Each Friday during Advent the girls have gotten a small treat 
and we have enjoyed a nice, long breakfast.

They also opened their daily chocolate advent calendar. :)

This is a new tradition for us this year, and I am hoping to continue it for years to come.

 The set-up :)

 They wanted to color their picture frames before eating doughnuts

 Love how excited and focused she is :)

 So proud!

 Little sister is proud too!

 Next up was the Olaf toy.
They spent about 45-nonstop-minutes playing with Olaf.

 You put foam or play-doh inside of him and then stick on his pieces.
They LOVED it!


 Caroline LOVES her Olaf toy :)

 That's my happy big girl :)
 Happy Monday y'all!

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