Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life Lately: 2 weeks edition

We have been so busy the last two weeks that I forgot to post a Life Lately post.  I thought I would catch all of y'all up in one long (lots and lots of pictures) post.  We have been doing fun Christmas activities, bundling up because of the cold, baking, eating, and having lots of fun!

One day last week the girls decided to "sleep" in the kitchen while I made breakfast.

I love how these two play together :)

I had to exchange my ski pants at the Columbia store and the girls wanted to play on the playground next to the store.  So... in exchange for being good in the store, I let them play for 10 minutes in the 45 degree weather. :)

The musical notes made noise, the girls loved this!

Caroline loves to swing big before her slide :)

The day after I decorated our front window tree (we have 4 trees), the lights went out (it's pre-lit).
So, thank you Amazon prime for sending a new tree fast.
After Ben took off all the ornaments, he put up a new tree.

While Ben was dealing with the tree, I was making peanut butter blossoms.


The new tree all put together...

... and decorated!
I'm going to have to buy more ornaments because this tree is larger than our old tree

Last Thursday, Caroline and I went to Elizabeth's school for her Christmas party.
Her class played games and had snacks before the parents were invited to come in for cookie decorating.

Caroline got to decorate a cookie too!

Monday afternoon Ben called me and asked what I had planned for dinner.
I told him I wasn't sure and he told me he got a coupon to try a free dinner from Uber Eats.
I order my favorite- Los Tios!  And Ben ordered the appetizer sampler from a local diner.
We both got our food about 30 minutes after ordering, no tipping allowed (because it's Uber) and we both had a free dinner. Yessss!!!

Wednesday I took the girls to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
We turned in Caroline's book to get a free ice cream for the girls to split.
Caroline only likes ice cream in small doses, but she is the cutest when she eats it. :)

"Mom, that's cold!"

Elizabeth LOVES ice cream!

Ben and I surprised the girls after dinner on Wednesday.
We loaded them into the car, stopped at Starbucks for cookies, 
and went off to look at Christmas lights.

Earlier in the week I had looked up large house displays and we drove to a few of them.

The girls LOVED it and have asked 9034892 times to go drive around again.
I'm so glad they are both old enough to enjoy this activity and I look forward to doing it a few more times this season.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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