Thursday, December 1, 2016

Life Lately!

Well, I'm back to being sick. :(

I think my body is playing a joke on me.  I was "healthy" during the four days my family was here but the day they left I got sick again and I have been chugging DayQuil and Robitussin ever since then.

We have been enjoying Gilmore Girls this week, babysitting baby Charlie, and getting ready for Christmas! :)

 I watched Gilmore Girls when it was originally on air.
I own every season on DVD.
I love Gilmore Girls!!!
I enjoyed every episode on Netflix this week and I hope they do another one. :)

 I've been busy wrapping presents...

 "Someone" got ahold of my cellphone ;)

 We got a letter in the mail with this character, Oliver K. Woodsman.
Elizabeth took a picture with him at The White House and sent it back to the class that sent it to her.
(ps. The White House is closed off because they are building a stage for inauguration)

 Elizabeth "helped" me put ornaments on our family tree

 Four-year-old level...

 The girls enjoyed babysitting Baby Charlie on Wednesday :)

And that's life lately!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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