Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Sister Bag

Tomorrow is the Big Day!  Baby sister will be here by tomorrow afternoon and we could not be more excited to meet her!  We have been preparing Elizabeth for months and really talking up baby sister this week.

In order to help the transition go (somewhat) smoothly, and to give her some entertainment at the hospital, I have made her a big sister bag that baby sister is going to give her tomorrow.

I got the idea from a blog I read, Life in the Green House, when the author had her son, she made a big sister bag for her daughter.

So... here is a little about Elizabeth's Big Sister Bag:

I got the bag from Amazon.  I thought it was a toddler-sized tote bag, but it is not.  It is an adult-sized tote, so we are going to tie a nice little knot or bow in the top of the handles to make it the right size for Elizabeth.

These are all the goodies that are inside her bag.  She is getting a couple of books, a couple of coloring books and new crayons.  Some snacks and a couple of other treats.

The books I got on Amazon and we have read them to Elizabeth this week, but she is going to see them again in her big sister bag.  I thought the books would be a great way to show her how things will be different with a baby.  They talk about how babies cry to tell us what they need, that babies sleep a lot, and babies use bottles.  I found them really helpful and all week Elizabeth has been "reminding" me of things she learned from the books.

The coloring books I picked up around town and the crayons we had.  The Mickey Mouse ink pad is either from her birthday or a gift from another time.

* For Elizabeth's birthdays and other holidays where she gets presents, I put most of them in the closet and then pull them out for special occasions.  She is so young that she doesn't remember every present, and it gives us "extra goodies" to present at special times.*

Elizabeth LOVES chocolate pretzels and gummie snacks.  So... I threw a couple of these into her big sister bag.  I feel like difficult transitions are always a little easier if you have the food you like with you.  :)
I picked up the Princess Sophia doll at Target the other day and the Tinkerbell doll was a gift at her birthday that I have saved.  I know she will love having toys to play with while at the hospital.  

Happy Thursday!

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