Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Packing for the hospital: Part Two

Today I finished packing for the hospital visit that is quickly approaching.  I will throw a few extra things into my bag when we leave (hairdryer, hair brush, glasses) but otherwise I am good to go.

Once the toiletries are packed, I only add a few other things because I know I will spend most of the time in bed (I have a scheduled c-section).

1. Pajamas, robe, and slippers
This is more for appearance for Elizabeth than for anything else.  I want her to see me in my clothes and not the hospital gowns.  I am sure I will spend most of my time in hospital gowns, but I want to have my robe and oversize pajamas to throw over me while she visits.

The hard-bottom slippers are a must in the hospital.  With all the IVs, my feet were really swollen with Elizabeth and did not fit into any of my shoes and the hard-bottom slippers were a life saver.  Hospital floors can also be slippery, so hard-bottom slippers provide the grip you need so you don't slip.

2. Something to wear home
I am packing my maternity jeans, a nursing top, an over sized t-shirt (Ben's) and a couple pairs of socks and underwear.  My beloved Gamecocks will be playing while I am in the hospital, so if I feel up to it, I wanted something to wear to support them.

All folded up nicely to fit into my suitcase.

Everything fits nicely into my suitcase with room on top for my hair dryer and hair brush.

3. A little something extra
It is always good to have something to pass the time or make you comfortable.  I love to play Sudoku and the What to Expect book is always good for things you forget.  I like having an eye mask to block out the random hospital lights that are bound to stay on.  I also have a very small travel fan that I will pack (when I can find it) for white noise while I sleep.

4. Other things not pictured
There are a few other things I will throw into my suitcase or car that are not pictured here.
A) The boppy pillow- will get tossed into car and Ben can bring it in if we need it
B) Clothes for the baby- will go in my suitcase (I am currently washing them)
C) Change of clothes/ toiletries for Ben- His toiletries are packed in my bag already and I will add a shirt or two before we go
D) Camera- make sure it is charged!
E) Laptop or I-pad- but don't leave it in your room

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I always bring a bit of make up, helps me feel a little more awake for visitors. Also the baby book, I know this will be when I have the most time to fill it out.

  2. Hey Amy, make up is a good idea- I will definitely pack some.
    And the baby book- that is genius (I need to buy one now)!