Tuesday, September 16, 2014

House Update: Dining Room Wall

As we continue to update our house and make little changes here and there, I continue to blog about it.  :)

Owning our own home is such a joy and privilege and we thoroughly enjoying maintaining and updating it.  I love being able to turn a space into how I want it to look (even if it takes a long time). 

We have been looking for the right piece to go over our bar for the past year and we have searched high and low.  Our last update on the dining room was my post in August

When we purchased our new dining room table, we earned a gift certificate to Pier 1 and a coupon (double yes!) and so I have been searching their website for the past two months for something to go in our dining room.  I really wanted a painting but then I saw this sunburst mirror (on clearance!) and thought it would look great in our dining room.

Here is how our dining room wall looks after Ben hung our new sunburst mirror:

Happy Tuesday!

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