Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Light Up Shoes!

Elizabeth has lived in her flip flops this summer.  She will only wear her flip flops and has refused to put on other shoes for almost every other occasion (aside from Adam and Brigette's wedding).  She loves her flip flops and I have been thinking of ways to get her into new shoes for fall (and hopefully forget about her flip flops) before the weather gets too cool.

Well... a couple of weeks ago I was at Target and went down to the shoe section.  I found sneakers in her size that light up.  I thought light up shoes would be a great distraction and that she would immediately love them and trade in her flip flops for her new shoes.

I. Was. Wrong.

I presented her with the new shoes a few weeks ago and she threw them back in the box and said "no way, I want my flip flops". 

This was going to be harder than I thought.

I showed her how they light up, that they have silver sparkles, and are oh-so-super pretty.  She again informed me that she would be wearing her flip flops. 

Sooo.... I saved the receipt, put the shoes in her closet, and figured I would try again after baby sister gets here.

Well... you could have knocked me over this morning when she grabbed the sneakers out of her closet and asked me if she could wear them.  Yes!  Sure!  No problem!

We put on the sneakers and I showed her again how they light up.  She has been running around all day with her sneakers on and refuses to take them off.  Ha!

I very happily present- Light Up Shoes!

And not to be outdone- Light Up Shoes: Part Two!

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