Sunday, November 15, 2015


I turned 34 on Friday.
It seems so old AND at the same exact time it seems so young.

As I have mentioned in a recent post, sickness struck our house on November 1st and is still lingering.  At the moment, Ben and Elizabeth are recovering from pink eye.  Ben is still suffering through a nasty cough but feels about 80% better.  Both girls have runny noses and Elizabeth has a cough to go with it.  We are slowly recovering, but at least we are recovering.  :)

Friday morning started with sleeping in and then breakfast with my family.  At breakfast, the girls gave me a birthday card that told me I would be getting a massage at 10am.  *AWESOME*

After my massage, Ben sent me a text telling me to stay where I was.  So... I waited about 10 minutes and then my family showed up and took me to lunch at a hibachi place I love. *AWESOME*

After lunch, we all headed home and it was times for presents and cake.  After opening my presents and eating some cake, the girls went down for naps.  While they were napping, I was sent out to get a pedicure. *AWESOME*

After my pedicure, I relaxed a little bit and then Ben and I played with the girls once they were up from napping.  In the evening, we made the girls dinner and then Laura showed up to watch the girls while Ben and I went out.  I didn't know what we were doing, but soon discovered we were having appetizers and cocktails at Bonefish Grill (one of my favorite places) and then going to see the new James Bond movie. *AWESOME*

I didn't get pictures of the everything, but I want Ben to know that I had an *AWESOME* day and I really appreciate all of the thought and planning that went into making the day relaxing, fun, and wonderful.  Thank you Ben, Elizabeth, and Caroline for a great day!  And... thank you Laura for keeping the girls :)

 Ben set up my presents on the table while I was getting my massage.

 Time for cake!

 Opening a few presents...

 Ben and I keep breaking our glasses and when he found these on 
amazon he thought it was the perfect gift :)

 Beautiful flowers from my honey

Turning 34 was pretty darn good.  Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and to my family for making the day so great!

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