Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving art projects

We have been talking about Thanksgiving with Elizabeth for the past week and incorporating a couple of art projects.  This year is the first year we have focused on the true meaning of each holiday with her and I have found her to be a visual learner.  She really grasps an idea if she completes a project to go along with.  I found several ideas on Pinterest, and we ended up doing two of them.

We have also been talking A LOT about the seasons and how they change.  Elizabeth is very into this Curious George book right now that talks about the seasons.  We have talked to her about how right now it is Fall and the leaves come off the trees and the next season is winter and we will have snow.  We are going to the beach next summer and she has been explaining to us that we have to go through winter and spring before we can get to summer again.  So... I think she is beginning to grasp the seasons changing.

 I wrote about this project last week.
I traced her hands and then she glued on tissue paper to make a tree with falling leaves.

 She also wanted a purple tree :)

 This morning we put together these turkeys that are going on our table tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

 Again, I traced her hands in different colors.
We attached brown paper to toilet paper rolls and then attached the "tail feathers"
I had the eyes in one of the craft boxes and I cut the beaks out of extra orange construction paper.

Who doesn't love a cute turkey!?

Happy Wednesday!

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