Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a BLAST celebrating Halloween!

Our evening started with pictures of the girls in their fairy costumes.

 Elizabeth is smiling and Caroline is saying "what is happening here?"
 Sister love 

 Time to get down!

 The girls were waiting to go outside...

 one got a little upset

and one got a little silly with Pap Pap

 We had neighbors and friends over for pizza and drinks before Trick-or-treating

 The girls were fairies, I was a pirate, and Ben was a pirate's fan :)

 Once everyone was done eating, we took Caroline to a few houses.
Elizabeth and Ari took off to go trick-or-treating.
Aren't they the cutest fairies?

 We tried to get them to take turns ringing the doorbells, it kinda worked :)

 We dropped Caroline back off at home and picked up the boys to go trick-or-treating

 Trying to get them together for a group photo

 Jack was a ninja, Charlie was Captain America, Kellan was Hulk, 
Elizabeth was a fairy and Ari was a fairy

 We added the little sibilings for one more photo
Caden was a dragon and Caroline was fairy
*Ellis (not pictured) was Iron Man

 After trick-or-treating, we had a driveway party and everyone enjoyed more pizza

 Elizabeth chased Kellan

 And they fought imaginary bad guys

At one point we had about 30 people on the driveway,
this is towards the end of the night.

Once the party ended around 10, Ben made cheese fondue for us and his parents and we ended the night with cocktails and fondue while hanging out and talking about a great evening.

We hope you had a great Halloween too! 

Happy Monday y'all!

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