Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some of this AND some of that

This week has been crazy.  Ben has been sick in bed since Sunday.  The girls have been fighting minor colds all week and I started to feel sick yesterday.  I have been pumping everyone with vitamins, extra vitamin C, and lots of fluids.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel preschool, a birthday party, and church this week because of all the sickness.  I am hoping by the middle of next week we are feeling better and can get back into our routine.

During the times the girls were feeling better (no runny nose, no coughing) we ventured outside (it was 83 degrees yesterday) and tried to have fun inside.

 Sunday morning she checked out her candy.

 She got a lot of good candy! :)

 Monday morning I made chili

 Elizabeth smiling for me during lunch on Monday

 I thoroughly enjoyed my chili for lunch on Monday

 Tuesday, we stayed inside and played with castles

 And our new favorite game- Don't spill the beans

 Wednesday afternoon we played on the playground with Kellan

And walked home holding hands 

This has been what Ben has looked like all week (minus the smile)
He finally ate dinner on Wednesday or Thursday (I can't remember)
My poor husband, he has been stuck in bed with almost no voice, a horribly painful sore throat, runny nose, cough that keeps him up all night, and overall feeling like crap.
I sure hope he is better soon.

 On Thursday, I added this to our pantry

Our pantry is so small so I added this new "shoe holder" to create more space.

 We went for a walk Thursday afternoon
I LOVE the falling leaves and all the beautiful colors
This picture does not do justice to the beautiful yellow leaves

 Friday morning, this baby was all smiles
(with a nose running like a faucet)

 Blurry but happy :)

 This morning, Elizabeth and I headed to Harris Teeter to grab $2.50 milk and FREE oreo thins.
I also grabbed these Halloween cookie cutters that were 80% off.
I discovered this season that I don't have any Halloween cookie cutters, 
so I thought it was a good purchase. :)

Caroline was very happy to see me when I got back from the grocery store.

Happy Saturday y'all!

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