Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Three Things Right Now


1. Elizabeth is obsessed with a new show on Disney Junior called PJ Masks.  She runs around ALL DAY acting like the characters from the show and pretending she has their super powers.  She runs around screaming about super gecko muscles and super cat speed ALL. DAY. LONG.

2. Elizabeth has never really been into dolls, but she is very into dressing up and playing with her princess toys and castles.  She loves to wear her princess dresses while she is playing blocks, eating lunch, or reading books.  If she can have a wand in her hand and necklaces around her neck- she is one happy camper.

3. My big girl is all about some M&Ms.  She asks for M&Ms multiple times a day and tries to trick me into giving them to her for breakfast.  When I brought home the fall M&Ms, she was not having it.  I had to pick up the regular M&Ms the next time I was at the store.  


1. Caroline is very into food right now.  She will eat anything AND everything that you put in front of her.  If it's not meal time, she will go over to her high chair and pull on it which is her way of asking to sit and eat.  My baby girl loves food time!

2. Caroline is also very into Elizabeth.  She follows her EVERYWHERE and wants to do everything she is doing.  If Elizabeth is sitting and reading, Caroline will sit and "read", if Elizabeth is playing blocks then Caroline wants to play blocks, etc.  Hands down, Elizabeth is her favorite person in the entire world and she wants to be just like her.

3. Caroline is becoming a climber and is starting to get into more and more stuff trouble because she wants to be into everything.  She is very busy and wants to be with the rest of us on the couches, so she finds a way to make it happen.  I try to sit on the floor as much as possible during the day, but sometimes I become her step stool to get onto the couch.


1. Well right now Ben is fighting a pretty serious virus.  I finally convinced him to go to the doctor today (he has been in bed since Sunday) and the doctor said the virus would last 4-10 days.  Well folks, we are on day 4 and he can barely sit up, so I'm guessing we are looking at the long-range of this thing.

2. Ben (before he got sick) had an incredibly busy week at work (I think he worked close to 60 hours) but he still managed to carve the girl's pumpkins,  help take them trick-or-treating, and then pass out candy on Halloween.  Ben you are AWESOME and thank you for all you do for us!

3. It's football season and so Ben (and the rest of us) are very into college football on Saturdays.  I know that Ben is really enjoying the good season Pitt is having and having a winning team to cheer for is making him extra happy.  :)


1.  I am really into Elin Hilderbrand books right now.  I think in the past four months I have read nine or ten of her books (thank you Kindle).  I just love to read and having the kindle makes it so much easier for me.  I love being able to pick a book and 10 seconds later it is ready to read!

2. I am almost done Christmas shopping.  I started back in July and have my closet stuffed with presents.  I cannot wait to give everyone their presents so I can have my closet back.  :)

3. Running.  In August/September I really got back into running.  I missed it so much and having to wait/recover/rehabilitate my ankle was a TON of work but so worth it.  I really, really enjoy running and I am so happy to be doing it again.  I have been eyeing a couple of races, so I just need to make up my mind and sign up. 

So, there's three things that have been going on with each of us lately- what three things have been going on with you???

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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