Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Goals for 34!

The other day I took a look at my old post on goals for my 33rd year.  I called the post 33 for 33 and I came up with 33 goals to complete in my thirty-third year.  Here are the goals (the ones crossed off, I completed):

Fitness goals:
1. Lose the baby weight
2. Maintain a healthy weight
3. Compete in at least six races
4. Compete in at least three new races
5. Compete in a half marathon and improve my time
6. Take golf lessons

Financial goals:
7. Increase our emergency savings by 10%
8. Maintain using our cash budget for weekly spending
9. Donate to charity each month 
10. Contribute to savings each month

Home goals:
11. Update flooring on the main floor
12. Find/ hang curtains for the master bedroom
13. Fix ceiling in the living room
14. Hang up more pictures
15. Print and organize photos

Travel goals:
16. Take a vacation with Ben
17. Take a family vacation
18. Travel to see South Carolina college friends
19. Travel to see Pittsburgh college friends

20. Travel to at least one new city

Personal goals:
21. Read at least 12 books (one a month)
22. Add to my wardrobe (non-PE clothes)
23. Get together with friends once a month

Food goals:
24. Try 33 new dinner recipes
25. Try 12 new cocktails
26. Add more vegetables to our diet

With my kids:
27. Be more patient
28. Do one new activity each month (museum, park, exhibit)
29. Have friends over to play once a month

With Ben:
30. Kiss at least 33 times a day :)
31. Continue our Thirsty Thursday tradition
32. Have more date nights
33. Spend more time together (not watching TV)  :)

Several of the goals did not get completed and they came back to the same reason: my ankle injury.  Because of my ankle injury, I couldn't run (or walk half the year) so I was unable to achieve all of my fitness goals.  The financial/home/travel goals did not get completed because all of our extra money went to pay the co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses with my ankle injury.  I worked hard to take the girls to new and fun places, but again, the ankle injury prevented that for several months.

I tried several new recipes in the past year but not 33, I am guessing closer to 20.   I am very excited that I did get back to my pre-baby weight and have maintained a healthy weight!  I am glad that Ben and I got to enjoy an adults only vacation and take time to catch up with our college friends this year.  I have enjoyed adding new clothes to my wardrobe and I am still working on getting down "my look".  I think we have been pretty social in the last year, but several weeks of sickness in the summer and fall have kept us out of commission at times.  Ben and I have definitely enjoyed more date nights and I enjoy kissing him as much as possible each day. :)
So- for 34, I have come up with a few goals:

1. Continue to maintain a healthy weight
2. Increase our emergency savings by 10%
3. Update the flooring on the main floor
4. Take a family vacation
5. Continue to read more often (2-3 books/month)
6. Take the girls to more monuments and museums
7. Try more recipes
8. Continue to have date nights (every 4-6 weeks)
9. Add more clothes to my wardrobe
10. Relax and enjoy where I am and who I am with

 Happy Wednesday y'all!

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