Friday, November 27, 2015


We had a very wonderful Thanksgiving here in Northern Virgina.  We stayed home for the first time in forever and relaxed with the girls.  Our cousins came over for dinner, we skyped with our families, and we had fun watching the kids play together.  It was wonderful and I am so thankful for everyone that I either spent the day with, skyped with, and chatted or texted with.

We started the day by trying to take family photos for our Christmas card. I emphasize trying because IT DID NOT WORK... AT ALL :)

 Our first location had a lighting problem :)

 Our second location was great...

 but as a family, we were a mess :)

 After trying about 8342 times, we I gave up and we headed home to start cooking

Ben prepped all the dishes

 And hours later... it's all done!

So much food... so much good food!
(Forgot to take the salad out of the refrigerator)

 Sweet potato casserole

Green bean casserole

 Smoked turkey


 Macaroni and cheese

 Homemade biscuits

Mash potatoes

Our table

After dinner, no one was ready for pie, so we decided to try taking family photos again for our Christmas card.  Ben suggested we sit on our bench and I thought that was a brilliant idea (and mad that I didn't think of it).  So, we headed onto our deck and to try and take a photo worthy of our Christmas card...


 And we did such a great job!  Ha!

Thank you Noah for being super patient with us and actually taking a few good ones.
(I'm saving those for the card- sorry)

 The kids played for a bit...

I think they had a great time together :)

 This girl...

With their babies that are cousins! 
win win people

After all the picture taking, we decided we were ready to try and eat some pie.  We had several pies to choose from (pumpkin, chocolate, and apple) and I am still full from all the food we had yesterday.
 Apple pie

Chocolate pudding pie

Pumpkin pie

So... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We had a wonderful time with family yesterday and just relaxing and watching the kids.  This year has been hard in a lot of ways and it is nice to take time to sit down and really think about everything we have been blessed with.  

Happy Friday!

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