Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meeting Annalise

Dear Annalise,

My sweet, beautiful niece, we met for the first time yesterday.  I know it's not everyday that an aunt will get to write down and explain to her niece what it was like to meet her, know her when she was brand new, and express the love that was overwhelming and instant.  But... I will try.

From the very beginning, your parents were over-the-moon excited that they were going to have a baby.  When they went to find out if you were a boy or a girl, your dad wore pink all day because he just knew that you were going to be a girl (and your mommy was hoping and praying you were a girl).  When they were told that their sweet, little baby was going to be a girl, they could not have been more excited.

As the months before your arrival continued; your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins all grew more excited to meet you and welcome you with love into our family.  A few weeks before you were supposed to be born, your parents found out you were turned upside down and you would have to come a little early.  This caused a whirlwind of excitement, planning, and a hurry up and wait sense of urgency.

With your mom's help, I planned to fly to Atlanta to meet you the day after you were born.  We didn't tell your dad because we wanted to surprise him. 
*Annalise, side note for the future- your mom and I are sneaky :)

I flew to Atlanta and went to the hospital to meet you.  Below are pictures from our time together.

When I walked into your hospital room, you were having your first professional photo shoot
(My first thoughts when I saw you: You are so little, you are so cute, I can't wait to hold you)

 Your dad loves you so much!
I took this picture and got so emotional.  
To see my brother holding his daughter is so special and I am so 
happy I made the trip to meet you sweet Annalise.

 I am pretty sure this smile didn't leave my face all day.

Your mom and dad are so in love with you.
I think this is one of your first family photos.

Your parents gave out these suckers to people that came to meet you

 I brought you these balloons because my niece needed some balloons :)

 I brought you these flowers too because you needed flowers

 Your dad got this for the door to your hospital room

And he filled out all of your information :)

I think he likes you

 You love snuggling on your mommy

And... your mine again!  Hehehe :)

Your mommy has the cutest outfits for you.

 When I first held, I took this picture with your dad

And right before I left, I took this picture with your mom

Sweet Annalise, I cannot wait to see you grow from a little baby into a young girl and then a teenager and a young woman.  I know life is going to have great things for you and I cannot wait to see you experience all that this world has to offer.

I promise you that I will always be here for you.  
I promise that I will always love you.
I promise that I will always have time for you.
I promise to help guide you, love you, and set a good example for you.

Thank you for making me an aunt.  

Love always,

Aunt Abby

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