Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seven Months Old

Dear Caroline,

You are seven months old today!

You are my sweet, fabulous girl that is a ray of sunshine all of the time.  You smile at us all day and have even started smiling at strangers.

You still wake up happy in the morning and lay in bed and coo until we come to get you.  You wake up around 7am and then nap around 9am or 9:30am until 11am.  You nap again around 1:30pm until 3:30pm or 4pm.

We think you weigh around 20 pounds and you are about 27 inches long.  You wear 9 and 12-month onsies and dresses and 12-month pants.  

You still take 4-5 bottles a day and have started eating more baby food.  Your favorite foods are bananas and apples, and you did not like pears at all.  In this next month we are going to start giving you food twice a day.

You have started crawling everywhere and when you don't crawl, you roll.  You love to play with all of your musical toys, but will gladly trade them in for your sister's toys.  You still enjoy your stationary player, but you prefer to be on the floor roaming around.

We are still working on getting you to sit-up, and you still appear not interested.  You would much rather be crawling and rolling. 

This month you did a lot! 
You celebrated your first Easter, met your new cousins, went to your first winery, and started going to a new gym day care.  You also took your first train ride in the mall, went to the trampoline park, went to the zoo for the second time, and have had multiple lunch dates.  You have also been on many walks around the neighborhood.

You are growing fast my sweet girl and we are loving every minute with you!

 You crawled and played with your toys...

 Every. Single. Day.

 You smiled a lot.

You celebrated Easter for the first time.
 Easter morning after Church

 Dad and his girls

 Happy Easter!

 You got to hang out with your cousin, Jen

 And enjoyed your time with Scot

You met your new cousin

 Train ride at the mall

 Watching Elizabeth at the trampoline park

 Walking around the neighborhood

Playing on the driveway

 You played dress up for the first time

 Two pretty princesses

 We hung around the house

You are so cute!

Seven months!

We love you so much our sweet baby girl.


Mom and Dad

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