Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ben's Birthday!

Yesterday was Ben's birthday and we did a little family celebration.
Ben had a very long day at the office, so I did a very quick breakfast for the two of us before he left. 
Once Ben got home, we had dinner, cake, and presents!

 This is what greeted Ben when he came down for breakfast

 Birthday plates and doughnuts, a great start to a birthday!

 The birthday man and his birthday breakfast

 On his way out the door for work.
I know he had a really long day ahead, but at least he got to wear a polo and jeans 
(and not his usual suit and tie)
It's the small things people...

 Once Elizabeth got up, she found her party hat and had me send this picture to Ben
She was ready to party!

 Once Caroline went down for her morning nap, Elizabeth and I made Ben his birthday cake

 You have to cuddle before cake making

 And you have to lick the spoon...


 While the cake was baking, I brought up Ben's presents and set them up on the bar
Once Ben got home the girls had to have a cuddle.
Happy Birthday Dad!

 I was trying to finish dinner and Ben turned the camera on me...

 Birthday dinner

 Grilled lamb cutlets, mash potatoes, green beans, and a roll

 Once Ben and I finished dinner, Elizabeth joined us for cake

Happy Birthday!  Make a wish!

 After cake, Ben opened presents
He got a #1 Dad badge from Elizabeth

 and this shirt...

 Ben's parents sent him this shirt

 And this tie, and another shirt and a belt :)
(Elizabeth enjoyed getting cake on her face)

 This was the only gift Ben gave and "Ooooh!" too
It's from Andy, Lolly, and Annalise and he was very excited about both things!
Meat rubs for the grill and round ice cube molds for scotch
He was very happy!

 I got him the movie Let's Be Cops

He also got a new tennis racquet and tickets to the Nats game for Saturday night.

Happy Birthday Ben!
I hope you had a very wonderful birthday, we enjoyed celebrating with you!
 We love you!

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