Monday, August 24, 2015

Our day on the Chesapeake

On Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and headed out Dameron, Maryland to visit Grandpa Fred.  We met Jessica, Noah, and baby cousin at the house and had an absolutely wonderful day grilling, riding in the boat, playing on the beach, grilling some more, and flying a kite!

Before I get into our adventures, I have to say Grandpa Fred is not my Grandpa, he is Jessica's and he very nicely allowed us to tag along on their weekend visit.  So... thank you again Grandpa Fred for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to spend the day with you- we had a blast!

Heading out to the Chesapeake Bay- this is the girls first boat ride!

 Baby cousin is a seasoned boat rider and quickly fell asleep :)

 All Elizabeth could say was "THIS IS AWESOOOOOOOME!!!" 

 Checking out the water

 She is telling me about all of the animals she can see :)

Boat selfie

 We circled the bay for a bit and then found a beach and put down anchor
Elizabeth LOVED playing in the water

 All the kids and dads on the beach

 Before too long, another boat pulled up beside us and it had kids.
This is Elizabeth watching them, shortly after this picture she ditched us to play with the kids

 Caroline loved the beach!
  When Elizabeth was this age, she hated the beach so we were very happy that Caroline enjoyed playing in the sand, eating the sand, and crawling all around the sand.

 Beach time!
*It is jellyfish season and we saw a ton.  Jessica would scoop them out of the water using a shovel, but Grandpa Fred would just reach down and grab the tops of them and carry them up the beach and bury them.  I have never seen anyone just pick up a jellyfish, it was pretty awesome.  :)

  Baby cousin loves the water too

 Elizabeth is "helping" Noah build a sand castle and Jessica and I are keeping the babies busy

About to leave to go back to the dock

 Once we docked, Jessica showed me the crab cages

 After dinner, I opened up a kite I picked up for Elizabeth.
I don't think she had ever seen a kite before, but she immediately loved it

 Ben did a great job teaching her how to use it

 Up, up, and away!

 Then Ben showed us how it's really done :)

Jessica and Noah holding down the fort while we watched Elizabeth fly her kite

I have to say, this was the most relaxing day I've had all summer and was the best mini vacation ever!  We had good food, great times, and great company!  I am so thankful for our family and extended family that spent the day with us and I feel recharged and relaxed after our day on the Chesapeake.  

Thank you again to Grandpa Fred, Jessica, and Noah!

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