Monday, August 3, 2015

Girl time!

I missed the girls something awful while we were on our trip, so I spent lots of mommy-daughter time with them when we got back.

 When we got home from our trip on Tuesday (the 21st), Ben took this photo of me snuggling with the girls.  I missed them so much!

 On Thursday (the 23rd) we tried to take some selfies in the driveway

 This was the best once :)

After our driveway fun, we went over to the spray park behind the Target in Alexandria.  We also hit up the playground after running around the spray park.  I enjoy this playground and spray park but there is absolutely no shade.  

On Friday (the 24th) we hung around the house and enjoyed some fun in the living room.  Caroline has had two bottom teeth come in and she has been chewing on everything!

 "Hey Mom!"

 "It's just a few toys..."

 "Nom nom!"

Happy Monday!

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