Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day at the zoo

Last Thursday I took the girls to the zoo for an afternoon of animals, lunch, and misting sprays!

 We started off at the farm animal section.  We saw cows, goats, llamas, and chickens.

 Elizabeth LOVED petting the cow!

 Then Elizabeth found a misting spray outside the farm animals

 And ran through it a bunch

 Caroline found a dinosaur!
After the dinosaur we saw elephants :)

 Posing for a picture

 The orangutangs were outside
 Everyone stopped to watch them 

 Elizabeth wanted to go inside the reptile house.
We watched this snake shed it's skin.
Gross (and cool)!

 We took a break for popsicles

 On our way out, Elizabeth got her face painted for the first time

 Caroline wanted a picture in front of the waterfall

 So of course Elizabeth wanted one too

A good picture of her butterflies :)

We had such a great time.  The weather was cool (high 70s) and it wasn't overly crowded.
I bought a membership before we went so parking was included.  I am going to try to take them once a month now that we have a membership (and the tourists will be gone soon).

Happy Wednesday!

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