Monday, August 17, 2015

"Just play" time

The girls and I have been busy trying to finish our summer 2015 bucket list, spend time with friends and family, and swim as much as possible.  While I feel our summer has been a whirl wind of fun (and sickness) I also like to take time with the girls to "just play" at home and be with each other.  We are so plugged into commitments that sometimes it's hard to remember to let kids be kids so I have made sure we do a little of that each day this summer. 

 Last Monday, Elizabeth insisted on "holding" Caroline

 It went...well(?)

 We have been working on Caroline feeding herself, so I pulled the boppy pillow back out

 She seems to like it :)

 Wednesday we brought the tunnel up from the basement

 Elizabeth was thrilled and Caroline spent a little bit checking it out

 Knock knock

 Uh, hello...

 I'm coming in

 See ya!


 Sister love

 Can we both fit in here?

 Friday morning, Elizabeth decided to play in her beach towel

 Towels = lots of laughs

 And then we had some more tunnel fun!

Happy Monday y'all!

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