Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wine, Ice cream, and bowling! {Our last day}

Our last day in Denver was spent relaxing at a beautiful winery, eating ice cream at my family's ice cream store, and bowling before heading to the airport.

When we were planning our trip, I was looking up beer and wine places in and around Denver and I came across this winery called Balistreri Vineyards.  It is the only winery in Denver proper and when we headed towards it we drove through industrial parks to get to it.  This beautiful winery is nestled in the middle of a busy working neighborhood and feels like a heavenly escape from the hustle and bustle around it.


This is a little spring running through and on either side are tables for outdoor dining.

After we tasted 14 complimentary wines and enjoyed a complimentary cheese, fruit, and cracker spread- we ordered a glass of wine and lunch.
The lunch menu is what I would describe as Italian gourmet and was delicious!

Almost done with my glass of wine for lunch.
No, the color on your computer is not broken, I ordered red wine.  :)

My handsome lunch date.

After lunch, the proprietor gave us a tour of the barrel room which doubles as their wine making room.  They age all of their wines for one year in oak barrels.

They also dip all of their wine bottles in melted wax to seal the cork.

All of the wine is made by hand.
That machine on the table is the machine that corks the wine.

This winery was absolutely beautiful and I felt completely relaxed sitting outside enjoying lunch and a glass of wine.  It was a great way to start our last day of vacation.  If you are ever in Denver, please go by this lovely winery and enjoy the wine.  It is so great!

After we did the tasting, enjoyed lunch, got a tour, AND bought half a case of wine; we were sober enough to drive over and see Jayme making ice cream at Liks.  We were lucky enough to spend time with Jayme and enjoy some of the delicious ice cream (for Ben) and sorbet (for me) that she has made.

My uncle and aunt own this ice cream store in Denver.

If you are in Denver, you MUST check it out.
Liks Ice Cream is the best ice cream in the whole entire world!

Jayme and I after getting a tour of the store :)

When we pulled up on the street, you could smell the homemade waffle cones.  The smell just gets better and better the closer you get to the store!  Once you get inside, there are a tone of flavors to choose from and we admired all of them for a while.  Once we were done admiring ice cream, we chatted with Jayme for a bit and she explained how she makes the ice cream (I think that's pretty cool).  Once we got the tour, Ben did some sampling and once we picked our flavors, we enjoyed our ice cream outside with Jayme.  

After we said our goodbyes, we had about two hours until we had to be at the airport.  We debated what we should do and decided to go bowling!  I love to go bowling and we never do it anymore (two small kids makes it difficult) so we enjoyed two games of child-free bowling.

First roll, first game!

Ben is winning...

Nice blurry action photo

Bowling selfie

For some reason, I only took a picture of the game I won :)

After bowling, we headed to the airport and dropped off our rental car.  This is the last picture of us from our vacation (on the shuttle to the airport).

Happy Sunday!

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