Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elizabeth gets a bike!

Elizabeth has been asking us all summer for a bike.  We had been discussing getting her bike and we have looked at several, but we just had not picked one up yet.

Then on Saturday afternoon my fabulous friend, Vicki, sent me a text asking me if we wanted her daughter's "old" bike.  I'm using "old" very loosely because the bike looks brand new (she took very good care of it).

I picked up the bike and we hid it until Ben went to get a helmet Saturday night.  After dinner we took her outside and showed her the new bike and helmet!  To say she was happy/over the moon/ecstatic would be just the tip of the iceberg in describing her joy!!

 Her new bike!

"Mommy, is this MY bike?"

 "I got a bike!  I got a bike!"

 "Dad, I NEED my helmet"

 She IMMEDIATELY wanted to put on her helmet and could hardly wait

"Oh my GOSH, this is AWESOME!!!" - Elizabeth

 She is so cute and so excited!

 Our big girl!

 Time for mom to help :)

 "Is my helmet still there?  I LOVE my helmet!"

 Trying to get her to look at the camera and smile

 But she is too excited

Every day since Saturday, Elizabeth has woken up and asked to ride her bike.  Sunday we let her ride after breakfast and then it has been while Caroline was napping so we could focus on helping her and teaching her.  She is getting the pedaling concept down well, we just need her to understand that the handle bars control the direction in which she will travel.  :)

After 3 1/2 days of riding whenever she can, she is so in love with her bike (and helmet) and is so happy to be riding "like the bigger kids".

My sweet girl, some day you will read this post and I want you to know that your mom and dad are so proud of you.  Our hearts were bursting with love and pride on Saturday night watching you ride a bike for the first time.  Your overwhelming happiness and gratitude at the gift was humbling to both of your parents and we just want you to know we love you so much.

 Sunday afternoon riding

 Monday night riding

A special thank you again to Vicki and Gordon for offering the bike.
You have helped make Elizabeth the happiest girl in the world :)

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