Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Super Doubles shopping (5 trips)

Last Wednesday, the super doubles started at Harris Teeter and I have made several (5) trips to Harris Teeter.  That is way more than I normally go during super doubles (usually 2) but the deals were so good (and so many)!

All of the non-refrigerated items.

 Left side

 Right side

Another view of all of the non-refrigerated items

 All of the refrigerated and frozen items, 
less a gallon of milk and 10 yogurts

Everything fit!

Things I got:

(2) gallons of milk
(1) orange juice
(1) Heinz ketchup
(4) Gerber 2nd foods
(6) Gerber 3rd foods
(1) Bag of Huggies wipes
(1) Pampers wipes
(2) Bags of Pampers diapers
(1) Bags of Huggies diapers
(2) Dole 4-pack of fruit
(2) Bottles of Ranch dressing
(2) Bottles of Italian dressing
(3) Jars of Beechnut baby food
(1) Bag of Tyson chicken nuggets
(1) Dole Smoothie 
(1) Bag of Tyson popcorn chicken
(20) Yoplait yogurts
(1) 4-pack activia yogurt
(1) Bag of Sorrento string cheese
(1) Kraft Parmesan cheese
(2) Boxes of Trix cereal
(4) Boxes of Special K Bars
(2) Harris Teeter cooking sprays
(1) Barilla ready meal
(2) Cans of enchillada sauce
(1) 3-pack Bic razors
(1) Bottle of Renu contact solution
(1) Bottle of mouthwash
(1) Loaf of bread
(3) Packages of taco seasoning
(5) Boxes of taco shells
(1) Package of turkey lunch meat
(1) 1/2 pound of salami
(3) Bananas
(1) 2-pound package of grapes
(1) 1-pound package of strawberries
(1) 4-pack of Kleenex
(1) Can Del Monte green beans
(1) Package of chocolate chip muffins
(1) Lemon
(1) Lime
(2) Boxes of Eggo waffles
(1) Container of country crock butter
(2) 4-pack of jello pudding
(1) Bottle of flintstone vitamins
(4) Boxes of Motts gummie snacks
(12) Boxes of pasta
(3) Packages of Kebler cookies
(1) Package of Archway cookies
(1) container of dill
(1) Bag of flour
(1) Bottle of Barilla pasta sauce
(1) Container of Nutella
(1) 50-count lunch bags
(8) Boxes of Horizon Mac n'cheese
(2) Balance bars
(3) Container of Plum puffs
(3) Boxes of Plum meltable crackers
(2) 4-count boxes of Go-go squeeze
(2) Breyers ice cream
(2) Boxes of go-gurt
(1) Bottle of nail polish 

We saved 56% on everything!
The bolded items were free!

Happy Tuesday!

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