Friday, August 7, 2015

Life Lately

We have been battling colds and fevers off and on all summer (I told my neighbor it feels like the summer of sickness at our house).  So I have been taking full advantage of the days we are healthy and getting out and doing fun things.

 Last Monday (the 27th) we had some good old fashion fun... in a box

 I pulled them around the living room and dining room 
and both girls laughed and laughed the whole time

 Later that day, we went for a walk after the girls ate dinner.
This is the first time we have put both of them in the wagon and they LOVED IT!

 Having a serious conversation

 Right after I took this picture Ben called me.
He had locked himself out of his car at his office.
He called AAA and they eventually arrived about an hour later.
Ben got home about 3 hours after I took this picture. :(

 On Tuesday we enjoyed some driveway fun

With lots of bubbles and chalk

 Wednesday morning selfies after the gym

 Once we had lunch, I took the girls downtown to the Air and Space Museum.
These are the only photos I took and they are super blurry.
Elizabeth waited in line to "fly" this airplane, she loved it!

 Elizabeth is obsessed with the show Miles from Tomorrowland and she ate up the whole museum.
She wants to go into space just likes Miles.

 Wednesday after naps, we took some smiling selfies with Mom.  Ha!

 This little one woke up from her nap and chewed on everything...

Even Elizabeth's new space shuttle.
This is what Elizabeth calls a huuuuuuuuuuug

 On Thursday, Caroline was in the cutest outfit ever
I wish I had a better picture...

 Friday we hung around the house and ate toys

And ate some food

That was our week (2 weeks ago).
Slowly catching up on our adventures.

Happy Friday!

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